Pushing the envelope of modern classical music, Sean Varah composes purely instrumental works, as well as ones that combine technology with orchestral instruments. In many of his compositions, he uses computers to produce abstract sound mosaics behind live players. To accomplish this, he combines 1960's analog tape technique, modern synthesizer technology, and live classical musicians to create sounds in much the same way an abstract painter creates images on a canvas.

MP3 Samples

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Piano trio, for piano, violin, and cello.

Full Recording. Performed by the Left Coast Ensemble. Tanya Tomkins, Eric Zivian, Anna Pressler.

B O R D E R L I N E, for cello and tape.

Where the cello meets the electronic world and wins. The line between human and machine. A stunning live performance by Canadian cellist, Shauna Rolston. Sample 1 | Sample 2

Burning, for orchestra.

Written with young players in mind, the inspiration for Burning came from the image of a burning fire. It received its Carnegie Hall premiere December 13, 1993. Sample

Divertimento, for six cellos.

Fun, not scary, like that electronic music I write. Performed by the students of John Whitfield at the Bowdin summer music festival. Sample

Aria, for cello and tape.

A cellist sits between two speakers and fights to transform its world from harsh electronic sounds back to lyrical lines. John Whitfield, cello. Sample

GarbageLand, for tape.

Sound Piece from 1993, composed of sounds of Manhattan. Full Recording